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Futuristické pozadí abstraktní

We are not rich enough to produce cheap things

Service offer

Business plan

As it is the starting document for establishing a company, it is a service that can be offered mainly to start-up companies, but can also be used in other ways, for example in the case of expansion, restructuring or merger of the company


Activity schedule:


  • Meeting with the client

  • Understanding how society works

  • Sign the NDA

  • Determining the budget (number of hours invested in the project) - preliminary price offer

  • Business plan, market analysis, marketing strategy, competitor analysis, financial possibilities, SWOT analysis

  • Risks, crisis, management

  • Evaluation


The output of the entire business plan is a mapping of the company's behavior, an emphasis on predetermined activities in connection with time.

Financial plan

A financial plan can be drawn up in every company, if it is a newly founded company it is necessary to have an idea of the financial flows that will be in the company.

Thanks to the financial plan, the company can avoid bad investments or, for example, target the right product in promotion so that the company is able to fulfill the plan.

  • Company model 

  • Company size 

  • Accounting - company history

  • Company research and application of current data

  • Goal setting

  • Quote for analysis

  • Processing

  • Errors, gaps, recommendations


The output of the financial plan is an evaluation of the company, how the company is doing economically, where are its strengths and weaknesses. If there are any risk factors or items.

The goal is clarity, structure, control.

Management of social networks and content creation

As part of social networks, we are able to provide the client with overall management from content design to its implementation and regular management following the course of the company's development and its focus. The client is not obliged to create anything as part of the cooperation. We provide everything.

Website creation

The creation of websites  takes place from scratch, i.e. from the determination of goals, responsible persons, the optimal structure, through the choice of a template or graphics coding, to the programming and installation of the necessary modules. The website includes

e-shop solutions and other website-related services, such as PPC and SEO optimization.

Spojovací body

Online must have one thing in common with offline - balance

Posts that inspire, educate and entertain promote the brand of generating community management, carefully measured and delivered in an easy to understand way.

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